This site is meant to be a gathering place for those of various Pagan religions (be they recon, Wiccan, or other) who are dealing with infertility, related issues of trying to conceive, and adoption. I started this site because I have been unable to find a source of info for dealing with fertility issues from a Pagan standpoint.

Most of the Pagan sites I’ve found (almost all of which are Wiccan-oriented) are pregnancy-oriented – they assume that all you have to do to get pregnant is do a spell or take an herb. For some of us it’s not that easy, and I’m tired of hearing that I’m just taking it too seriously – that if I’ll just relax and do the “right” spell, it will all work out.

The sites I’ve found that are supportive of infertile couples are overwhelmingly Christian (although after weeks of searching, I did run across one Jewish site and one Muslim site). So, with the encouragement of friends, I decided to create my own.

This site is the result of that experience. I hope that together, we can create a supportive community with as much solid information as possible, along with good advice, and a spiritual outlook.

As a member, you can add resources you find to the site, cry on someone’s shoulder, rant and rave when you need to, and rejoice when things go well.

Janet Callahan, webmaster

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Janet, I’m quite excited to stumble upon your site. I run a site which aspires to cover all aspects of Pagan childbearing, but which is in fact guilty of focusing on pregnancy because that’s what I know best. I’d love to include posts dealing with infertility, adoption, and other aspects of Pagan reproductive/pregnancy/family growing experience. Please take a look at the site and if you think you might have something to contribute I’d be excited to hear from you. Thanks!

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