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We have had quite a wild ride in the last year with the premature birth of a baby girl who spent more of her first year in the hospital than out.

I’m having a terrible time staying on top of life, much less websites, which is why the posts here have gone to nothing.  In hopes of livening things up a bit, I’m adding a facebook page for easier communication.

So… visit

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Adoption news this week

Actress talks about adopting from foster care

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Infertility News this week

Infertility can make you as anxious and depressed as cancer

Discussion of the Wurn Technique – method of releasing adhesions, which can contribute to infertility in some cases

Metformin given during puberty can help prevent PCOS – reports show that giving the medication during puberty (before PCOS or type II diabetes develop) can reduce the risk of PCOS, which in turn reduces the risk of infertility.

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Adoption News This Week

With any luck, I’ll be posting a weekly round-up of adoption news, and a separate post on infertility. I’ll also be posting Pagan-specific resources as I locate them.

New Jersey makes new rules for adoptees seeking birth families and medical records – largely, a mother’s identity is not released without her knowledge, but adoptees can get more info than before.

Federal bill would provide adoption support for families adopting internationally – right now, if you adopt internationally, you don’t get the same sorts of support options as a family who adopts out of foster care domestically. Mental health funding is part of the package

Information on Adoption Credit changes this year and next

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Looking for a co-moderator or two…

Hi all!

Due to a complicated high risk 2nd (and last) pregnancy and the early delivery of a baby girl, I’ve been very neglectful of this site. I’m looking for a person or two who are interested in posting things on infertility, adoption, and the like once in a while and getting some discussion going on the forums.

If you’re interested, please let me know!

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Do you have a favorite blog on infertility or adoption? Let us know, and we’ll add it to our Links!

What about books? We’ll be adding links to in the near future. We’d love to post reviews, or just to add suggestions to our list.

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Welcome to the re-launch of the Pagan Infertility and Adoption Network website. We hope to build a great community here.

The previous incarnation of this site was run by software that was just not manageable – useful, yes, but easily broken, and I wanted to get back to something that just plain worked, because fighting it was taking too much time.

I’m working on lining up some give-aways for the grand-re-launch, so stay tuned!

I’m Janet, and I’m your hostess – I’m a priestess, author, artist, engineer, and finally a mother. After several years of trying, and several more of treatments, lots of prayers and spells and herbs, and lots and lots of angst, I gave birth to a son in 2008. He was 13 weeks early. He has some lingering medical issues, but all in all is a success story – happy, almost completely healthy, funny, and smart as a whip, even if he doesn’t talk yet. We’re looking towards another child, and knowing that it’s not going to happen without interventions.

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Testing, testing…

I’m tired of trying to fix the old site, so it’s back to something I know…

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